10 Reasons You Should Move From Sage To Xero In 2022

Take Control Of Your Business Finances

Are you struggling to keep on top of your business finances? Do you already have Sage Accounts and are looking for an alternative? Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Move from Sage to Xero in 2022. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to analyse your business’s financial health, then stop looking.


When it comes to finding the perfect software for managing your business accounts, the question on many people’s minds is Sage vs Xero? What are the differences between these two leading accounting and bookkeeping giants, and which one is best for my business?


If you’re feeling confused and conflicted about whether to make the switch to Xero, then continue reading, as we feel its a professional, reliable software package for Irish Businesses. Read through this practical guide to find out why Xero is the hero of modern accounting solutions!


1. Immediate Access to Important Financial Data


Unlike Sage, with Xero online accounting, you don’t have to be on a laptop or computer to access important business information. Xero data isn’t restricted to a local drive; it is securely stored in the Cloud.


This means that an overview of your financial information can be found on your phone, or any other device you’re using. You don’t even need to be in the office. Get your data and make decisions from anywhere. Xero’s flexibility and convenience is just one of the reasons why so many people are making the switch from Sage to Xero.


2. User-Friendly Accounting for Small Business Owners


Sage was initially designed for accountants, and because of this, to make the most of Sage software, users need to have specialist knowledge of accounting principles and financial practices.


This isn’t the case for Xero. Designed with small business owners and start-up companies in mind, Xero offers a more accessible, streamlined platform for meeting your day-to-day accounting needs. Thanks to its user-friendly dashboard, simplified financial administration tools and features, Xero breaks down your important business data into digestible information.


This means that the data is easier to understand and allows businesses to make better financial decisions.  Make the most of features such as project time-tracking, receipt management, and automated purchase orders.


3. No Back-ups, No Problem!


The problem with software like Sage is that it is designed for desktop use. This means that your data needs to be constantly backed up. With Xero accounting software, your data is safely stored in the Cloud.


This means you don’t need to worry about corrupted drivers and your computer breaking down or being stolen. You also know you’re up-to-date when it comes to the latest version of the software, which ensures that your version is compliant with new legislation and any changes to tax rates. Share databases, credit card numbers and more, safe in the knowledge that your sensitive information is securely stored in a data server.


4. Collaborate in Real Time


Xero’s open ecosystems allow you to harness the power of collaboration and build a stronger relationship with your accountant or financial advisor through collaborative cloud tools.


Through this new technology, your finance team will be able to access your financial figures, which means they are always there to offer support and solutions when it comes to making important business decisions. You can even use Xero’s video conferencing feature to share data with investors in a fast and efficient way. If you don’t have an accountant or bookkeeper, Xero can also help you with that too, through their extensive advisor directory.


5. A Clear Financial Overview


One of the most significant advantages to using Xero accounting software over Sage 50 accounting software, is that it offers a user-friendly overview of the financial health of your business.


Its dashboard display feature is specially designed to illustrate in an easy to grasp manner just how much money is going out and coming in, so you can stay on top of your finances. The way that the dashboard is laid out is to help you access the most crucial parts of your financial accounts, displaying key information regarding your bank balance and overall expenses.


This allows you to analyse your financial data effectively, helping you to keep track of your payments and identify any issues easily.


6. Keep It Simple

Because Xero was created with small business owners in mind, you will find that there are a lot fewer technical terms used than traditional accounting and bookkeeping systems.


This makes the software easy to learn and navigate; and if you’re stuck on a process and need some support, Xero offers free training to guide you step-by-step through its key features and tools, explained in layman’s terms, or as they call it “plain English accounting” for beginners.


You don’t have to be an expert at financial management to benefit from Xero’s features – but you soon will be with their easy to follow tutorials.


7. Get Paid Faster

No business likes to chase customers for an overdue payment. The Xero integration with Stripe and PayPal allows you to manage your invoices in one digital space, featuring a “pay now” button to help speed up the process.


Xero also offers customisable templates which enables you to add a professional touch by including your company’s logo. Xero accounting reviews have shown proven results of up to 15 days faster payments! No more fussing around with PDF files, and you even get informed if the recipient has read them. You also get automatic reminders to help you stay on top of your finances.


Also, there’s no need to worry about security risks, as each invoice you send will be protected from unauthorised changes, with the option to use two-step verification. Enjoy better cash flow.


8. Easy-Peasy Payroll Management

Xero simplifies payroll management by being single-touch payroll compliant, which means that you can instantly submit your financial data to the government. Xero also allows you to update your accounts automatically and creates Revenue submissions.


The Xero Me mobile app also allows employees to access and view their payslips, submit their timesheets and apply for leave on the go. Not only that, but you’ll get in-depth payroll reports which will help you to keep track of your payroll history and send employee pension information to pension scheme providers. 


Once you set up payroll, you can share your information with other team members, accountants or bookkeepers, with the option to restrict access to manage the information they are able to view. Once you have completed payroll, you can submit your financial data straight to Irish Revenue.


9. Boost Your Productivity

Xero is loved for the fact that it is an all-in-one accounting tool that saves you valuable time for addressing other crucial matters of business. From its automated bank feeds to its time-tracking and resource planning, all your financial projects can be streamlined and managed efficiently through this user-friendly accounting software. 


One of the most innovative features in Xero is its uncoded statement lines, which enables a simple feedback process through an editable PDF that is sent to clients and colleagues, which they can then return to you with comments and suggestions.


You also don’t have to spend a whole lot of unnecessary time looking through files, as Xero Files lets you store contracts and documents in your own library, which you can upload or send through by email.


10. Seamless Mobile Integration

With the nature of our busy corporate lives, it’s so important to have the option to work on the move. The Xero mobile app’s user-friendly design and tech-savvy features make it easy to check important data or access your company’s financial health from anywhere with an internet connection.


They’ll even send you a notification when you have new transactions for an account. This way you can stay connected to your business at all times. You can also seek support from a certified advisor who can help with any of your questions and queries.


Why Irish Businesses Are Choosing Xero

Overall, Xero is the better option for Irish small business owners and start-ups who don’t have that specialist accounting knowledge. It offers better flexibility when it comes to managing your business accounts on the go, provides a real-time overview of cash flow, and it’s more cost-effective to run.


The fact that you can install a multitude of add-ons also makes it the perfect customisable platform for meeting all your accounting needs. So, if you think you want to make that move and convert to Xero, we say, do it! Your business won’t regret it.


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