Business Funding For Irish SME’s Made Easy

Business Funding For Irish SME

One of the biggest challenges Irish SMEs face when trying to grow their business is seeking financial support from government agencies. Many applications can require a lot of work, too much work for some companies who feel overwhelmed just by the thought of having to fill out more forms, particularly if it is a first-time application. These forms require alot of information about you and your business.

For those who do not have a cloud-based accounting system, the company information can be a bit of a quagmire to obtain.


Proffesional Accountants Ireland

Picking an experienced, proffesional accountant to help you with applications can take the headache out of applying for business funding. It can be the difference between you receiving government funding, or not receiving funding. 


Both Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) are keen to give companies money. But because it’s public money they are handing out, they must be responsible with it. 


aperio have worked with Enterprise Ireland clients of all sizes and from various industries, giving us years of expert knowledge on how best to help you on your funding journey.


Our first piece of advice is to check out what supports your company needs and then look at which agency will best suit those needs. This is where our huge experience in this area makes a difference.  We have worked with so many clients on a huge range of projects that we are able to evaluate your project from the outset and best advise you which agency will suit best. 


As an approved service provider and mentor to Enterprise Ireland clients, we can help eligible companies identify and apply for funding supports. There is a wide range of supports available to cover areas including operational/process improvements, people development/training, culture, productivity & quality, strategy & growth (incl researching/validating new markets).


Many companies are not familiar with the support that may be available to them. These businesses could be missing out on an opportunity to scale their business, upskill their staff and seek support for researching / validating new markets.


Take for example the Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher  – this voucher will fund 100% of the cost of a €9,000 consultancy engagement to begin or develop your Digital plans. That takes a huge cost burden off your company and can be used to plan where you want to take your firm digitally over the short and medium term. This empowers companies to work with external consultants to identify where they are on their digital journey and create a plan for digital adoption based on where the business is today and specific challenges it is facing. 


For companies to get this sort of clarity on where they are, where they want to be, and the journey in between can be of huge benefit for goal setting and selected KPIs for the company for the next number of years.


Your Local Enterprise Office (LEO) should not be forgotten about either as it provides a range of financial supports as well for Irish SMEs which are designed to assist with the establishment and/or growth of business in Ireland employing from one to ten people. 


For many Irish SMEs, particularly local businesses, the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) is generally the first of the government agencies they will deal with when searching for business funding. The type of support will be very much dependent on the clients needs including trading online vouchers, priming grants employment grants and much more. As an approved service provider and mentor for Leo in West, South and North Cork, we can help eligible companies identify and apply for funding supports. 


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Are you looking for proffesional help? aperio is a Cork-based outsourced accounting and consulting company that can take care of all your company formation, bookkeeping, management accounting, financial compliance, and financial project work such as grant applications.


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