Energy supports for Irish business

Energy support scheme for Irish businesses

To help offset some of the effects of spiraling energy costs, Budget 2023 announced energy supports for Irish businesses of all sizes.


What is the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS)

The Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) will assist businesses with their electricity or natural gas (energy) costs during the winter months. The scheme will be open to businesses that:

  • are tax compliant
  • carry on a Case I trade or Case II profession (including certain charities and approved sporting bodies about certain income)
  • and
  • have experienced a significant increase of 50 per cent or more in their natural gas and electricity average unit price between the relevant bill period in 2022 and the corresponding reference period in 2021.

Revenue will administer the scheme, which is being designed to be compliant with the European Union (EU) State Aid Temporary Crisis Framework. This means that EU Commission approval will be required for the scheme before any payments can be made to businesses.


Information on the scheme is contained in the TBESS guidelines


Time limit for making a claim for a TBESS

The time limit for making a claim in relation to an electricity or gas bill is 4 months from the end of the claim period to which the electricity or gas bill relates. Set out below are the relevant time limits for making a claim in respect of each claim period:


Claim Period

Time Limit for making a claim

September 2022

31 January 2023

October 2022

28 February 2023

November 2022

31 March 2023

December 2022

30 April 2023

How to register

Firstly, eligible businesses are required to provide various details about their business and their energy supply when registering for the TBESS.
It is important to note that the business must be eligible for a tax clearance certificate in order to successfully register.

What information is required?

Presently, an eligible business will be required to provide certain details in relation to the business including the following:

  • its tax reference number,
  • the registered name of the business,
  • the address of the business including the county and eircode,
  • whether the business started its trade or profession on or after 1 September 2021,
  • whether the business is a member of a single undertaking,
  • whether the undertaking is an SME,
  • where the qualifying business has a relationship with one or more persons as a result of which the qualifying business and such other person(s) are considered to be a single undertaking, the name and tax reference number of each other person.   

Trade or profession Information
The following information about the business’ trade(s) or profession(s) must be provided at registration:

  • the name of the trade or profession,
  • specification of the type of trade or profession (a drop down menu is provided on ROS),
  • a  business description of the trade or profession,
  • the main address of the trade, including the county and Eircode,
  • whether the trade started on or after 1 September 2021.

Account type information – electricity and gas
Also, information is required about the business’ electricity account and natural gas account.

  • the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) or Gas Point Reference Number (GPRN),
  • indicate what trade the MPRN or GPRN relates to,
  • the supply address, including the county and Eircode.   

Additionally, you will be required to make a number of declarations and acknowledgements.


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